Our system tracks your performance on your member dashboard

Each bike has a sensor which delivers a breakdown of your results to your personal account after class. In addition, you can view your performance over a period of time to see where you improved, and where there is still room for improvement.


List of metrics so you
understand your performance.

  • Cadence: Commonly referred to as RPMs or revolutions per minute. Your cadence or RPM is the number of times you will complete a pedal stroke per minute. Basically this is a measure of how fast you are pedaling.
  • Distance: Your distance is the accumulated virtual distance you have completed at a given point in time, measured in miles.
  • Watts: How much work you are outputting – how hard you are pushing while pedaling with any given resistance. If you are pushing the same RPMs with a higher gear or resistance you will see an increase in your watt because you are doing more work pushing against the heavier resistance. ** Note: When considering wattage the more power you generate, the more energy you are using = more calories burned.
  • Power: How much you are outputting, produced in watts
  • %FTP (Functional Threshold Power): Maximal average you can perform in a 60-minute ride. FTP is measured in watt units, so the %FTP is the watts you produce divided by your personal FTP value. For %FTP, the stronger you are, the higher your value will be.
  • Kilojoules (KJ): Measure physical energy expended, not thermal energy expended (calories measure thermal energy expenditure). Essentially your watts converted into energy, and accumulated over the course of the class
  • Calories (KCAL): How many calories you’ve burned or the thermal energy you’ve expended.

The Realryder®

The RealRyder® Indoor Cycling bike is like no other indoor bike on the planet. Riders can steer and lean, while the bike moves under them, allowing them to balance on top, steer, adjust and pedal.

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